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Resonant Hand is a Byron Bay-based 4 piece psychedelic rock/reggae fusion band, lead by singer-songwriter Mark Fulcher.  Known for their high energy performances, catchy hooks and enthralling lyrics over a unique blend of reggae and psychedelic rock, Resonant Hand will take you on a journey of self discovery & healing. Born in the squatters of Water Lily City, Philippines, Fulcher has gained a unique multicultural perspective that has inspired his intricate & heartfelt melodies. Fulcher’s musical journey started on the streets of Brisbane City, where he performed as a busker for many years before settling in the iconic Byron Bay Area in 2018. The music of Resonant Hand exists within the margins of nostalgia. Drawing influence from the cultures and sounds that he experienced in his childhood, his songs burst with a wholesome energy that speaks to Fulcher’s unique sonic sensitivity. Welcomed into the Byron-Bay community with open arms, Resonant Hand has gained a loyal following after playing gigs in well known venues such as The Beach Hotel, Howl & Moan Records, as well as wowing the masses at the recent Great Southern Nights Festival. Resonant Hand has played with the likes of Black Rabbit George, Namaan & Xavier Rudd. Happy Magazine has described their music as ”overflowing with potential”.